What You Get

  • Quote response minutes after submission

  • Immediate responses to all queries and requirement's

  • 24/7 availability & support

  • 1-5 days turnaround options

  • 100% on-time

  • Certified translations by legal experts

  • Continuous cost reduction with TM

Translation Services for Business

    What You Get

    • Quote response minutes after submission

    • Immediate responses to all queries and requirement's

    • 24/7 availability & support

    • 1-5 days turnaround options

    • 100% on-time

    • Certified translations by legal experts

    • Continuous cost reduction with TM

    Translation Services for Personal

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      Choose Vocalegal for certified accuracy and compliance - ensuring your documents meet global legal standards.

      Choose Vocalegal for faster turnaround times- our clients never miss a deadline!

      Cut the complexity. Get certified translations of your documents in 3 easy steps. Simply upload your files, choose your language preferences and document requirements, and receive expert-led accurate and precise certified translations within the same day. Experience expert efficiency aimed to meet your document needs with precision and reliability.

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      Impending deadlines are stressful. We make your life easier by working to the timescales that you set.

      You won’t receive pushback from us on your deadlines; you get documents translated and certified by the date you need them.


      With Vocalegal:

      • You set the deadlines upfront.

      • Alternatively, you choose standard turnaround or expedited turnaround options to suit your requirements and budget.

      • You are informed on progress regularly.

      • Receive your certified documents on set date ready for use.

      Always ensure your documents have the correct certification

      Unsure if your documents need a certified, sworn, notarized, or legalized (apostilled) translation?

      Let us know a little about the context for the translation and the countries involved, and you will receive:

      • Certified translations that meet the exact requirements of the legal systems, courts, or government bodies involved

      • Impeccable translations that are legally equivalent to the source/original documents

      • A PDF copy of the translation and a printed and sealed version by post/courier (if needed).

      Certified Translation Services for

      In the Foreign Process Section (FPS), our certified translation services guarantee translation precision and authenticity for all your international document needs. Rely on us for accurate and legally recognized translations in every language.

      Ensure the acceptance of your documents in US courts with our certified translation services. We deliver meticulously translated documents for legal proceedings, removing language barriers with precision.

      Our certified translation services are your key to accurate and globally recognized documents when dealing with foreign courts. Ensure communication across borders with our expert translations.

      Our esteemed certified translation services for arbitration panels ensure the precision and integrity of the original document are upheld. Trust us to facilitate effective communication within the panel, maintaining professionalism in cross-border legal proceedings.

      Rely on our certified translation services tailored for educational establishments. Our team of certified translators uphold the highest standards of professionalism and accuracy, ensuring your academic documents are translated to meet the stringent requirements of educational institutions.

      Experience certified translation services focusing on precision and confidentiality for administrative offices. Our linguists deliver translations and ensure cultural and contextual relevancy in every document. With a commitment to legal compliance and data protection, we facilitate immaculate international administrative communication.

      We specialises in providing expert translation services tailored to the unique needs of government bodies. With a team of highly skilled translators, we ensure accuracy, security, and confidentiality in every document translation, upholding the highest standards of professionalism and compliance with governmental requirements.

      Our translation services for regulatory bodies encompass notarised translations, ensuring utmost accuracy and legal compliance. We specialise in providing secure and professionally executed translations, meeting regulatory authorities' stringent requirements and standards.

      Trusted by global law firms, in-house teams and governments for ourcertified translation services

      1.5m +

      Documents Translated and Certified

      200 +

      Global law firms and corporate clients

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      Very responsive over email, and the quality of work is always very thorough. We were pleased with the service received.

      Partner, Dispute resolution

      We reached out to Vocalegal for an urgent translation, and their speed of response and attentiveness to our clients’ needs has been impeccable. They have become our DR team’s go-to translation vendor.

      Partner, ADR

      When our existing partners could not deliver on time for a rushed translation, we turned to Vocalegal, and we’ve not looked back. The fast turnaround times and near instantaneous response is very much appreciated.

      Litigation Support Manager

      We are very pleased with the service provided by Vocalegal. Their responsiveness and ability to provide a quote are almost instantaneous. We were also impressed by the quality of the translations and the expedited turnaround time. All in all, we would highly recommend Vocalegal for anyone who is looking for a fast turnaround yet excellent quality translations.


      After assessing 12 agencies, we settled with Vocalegal for its expertise with legal texts and faster turnaround times.

      WR, Managing Partner

      We’re very happy with the translations and your quick turnaround. Thank you!

      Senior Associate

      Excellent service all around. Your attention to detail and responsiveness is much appreciated. We love working with the team at Vocalegal

      Associate, Dispute Resolution

      Fast, accurate, and flexible with our changing instructions on the go.

      Partner, Dispute Resolution

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      We are very pleased with the fast turnaround times and high-quality translations our lawyers receive from Vocalegal. We recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and fast translation provider.

      Managing Partner

      Your speed in responding and willingness to negotiate fees has been much appreciated. I will not hesitate to recommend Vocalegal.

      Solicitor, Dispute Resolution

      Be in control of your certified document translation with a subject matter expert-led translation service.

      Talk to one of our certified translation experts

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      Certified Document Translations FAQ

      A certified translation comes with a certificate of accuracy or a sworn statement attached, signifying the translator's commitment to precision. While some agencies use shortcuts like rubber-stamp certifications, these practices can introduce risks and potentially harm your case and reputation. Proper certification is crucial for ensuring that the translation accurately represents the original document, particularly in legal, official, and cross-border contexts where accuracy is vital.

      Yes, you can often certify documents that have already been translated. However, the certification process typically involves a qualified translator or a professional certification service reviewing the existing translation to ensure its accuracy and faithfulness to the original document. If the translation meets the required standards, the certifier can provide a certification statement and their signature, confirming the accuracy of the previously translated content. It's essential to consult with the relevant authorities or institutions to determine whether they accept certifications for previously translated documents, as requirements may vary depending on the purpose and jurisdiction.

      A certified translation is crucial for its legal, official, and academic recognition. It assures that the translated document accurately represents the original, helping to meet specific requirements of institutions and authorities. Additionally, it signifies the translation's authenticity and is crucial for international and cross-border transactions. Certified translations maintain clarity and professional standards, ensuring accuracy and trustworthiness in various contexts where precision is essential.

      Documents can be certified by a notary public, attorneys, certified translators, government officials, and specific authorities or agencies, depending on the document's nature and purpose.

      ISO 17100 certification is an international standard that sets specific quality and competency requirements for translation services. It outlines guidelines and best practices for translation companies, ensuring that they maintain high standards in areas such as translator qualifications, quality assurance, project management, and customer service. Achieving ISO 17100 certification indicates that a translation service provider has met these rigorous quality standards, assuring clients of the professionalism, accuracy, and consistency of the translation services they offer.

      Prices for our certified translation services are dependent on the number of words, pages, and documents. Our pricing is very competitive because we are fully dedicated to ensuring you get the best quality translations for your documents and also certifying them so they may be accepted by legal or government bodies accordingly.

      To ensure your documents are correctly certified, follow these steps. First, engage a qualified and reputable professional, such as a certified translator or attorney, to perform the certification. Verify that the certification process aligns with the specific requirements of the institution or authority where you intend to submit the documents. A certified document typically includes a clear certification statement with the certifier's name, credentials, and signature or stamp. Additionally, consider consulting with the relevant authority or institution to confirm that the certification complies with their guidelines and expectations. This proactive approach will help you secure accurate and legally valid certifications for your documents.

      A sworn translation, also known as a certified translation, is a legally valid translation of a document. It's typically used for official and legal purposes. A certified translator, authorized by a relevant authority, affirms the accuracy of the translation with their signature and stamp. This ensures the translated document is accepted by government agencies, courts, and other official entities. Specific requirements may vary by jurisdiction, so it's essential to consult with experts to ensure compliance.

      A notarized translation is a document translation that has been certified by a notary public. It involves a qualified translator rendering the content in the target language, and a notary public verifying the accuracy and authenticity of the translation, as well as the translator's signature. Notarized translations are often required for legal or official documents, adding an extra layer of credibility and making them suitable for submission to authorities or institutions where authenticity is essential. Specific requirements for notarized translations may vary by jurisdiction, so it's wise to consult with local authorities or legal experts to ensure compliance.

      A notarized document is a document that has been verified and authenticated by a notary public. The notary public, an impartial and officially appointed witness, confirms the identity of the document signatories, certifies the document's authenticity, and ensures that all parties signing the document do so voluntarily. This process adds an extra layer of credibility and evidentiary weight to the document, making it suitable for legal, official, or regulatory purposes.