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  • 1-5 days turnaround options

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  • Certified translations by legal experts

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Translation Services for Business

    What You Get

    • Quote response minutes after submission

    • Immediate responses to all queries and requirement's

    • 24/7 availability & support

    • 1-5 days turnaround options

    • 100% on-time

    • Certified translations by legal experts

    • Continuous cost reduction with TM

    Translation Services for Personal

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      Our legal translations are ISO 17100 & 20771 compliant and contextually accurate, legally equivalent, and operative in the systems involved.

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      Expert-Led Legal Translation Services

      Get access to authorized legal translators, in-country lawyer linguists, and comparative law experts, giving you the edge in cross-border and international matters when it comes to your legal documents.

      Your legal translation will be:

      • Legally equivalent and operative.

      • Contextually accurate and consistent in their technical and legal terminology.

      • Equal to the original in evidential/probative value.

      • Ready for use and enforceable in legal proceedings, e.g. as exhibits to witness statements, disclosure for inspection, or inclusion in your court files.

      • Formatted to your needs, e.g. bilingual, monolingual, or marked-up document.

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      Our legal translation service ensures that you don’t lose the quality of your certified translations because they were delivered on a rushed basis! 

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      • Same-day, 2-, 3-, or 5-day urgent translation turnaround options, no matter the number of legal documents you have and their requirements

      • Certified translation quality guaranteed for your legal documents

      • Access to a subject matter legal translator at any time of day or night, 365 days of the year.

      Cut 30% Off Your Legal Translation Costs

      With our highly efficient legal document translation process you can reduce disbursement expenses, save consistently, and add value to your services for your clients.

      With Vocalegal:

      • You don’t pay for translation of duplicates found in disclosure

      • You get clear and fixed pricing from the outset

      • You pay only a fraction of the cost for full matches to your recycled legal translations

      • You save more the more we translate.

      Legal Translation Services

      Legal Translation

      Receive legal documents translated by legally trained native translators so they are legally equivalent and operative.

      Sworn Translation

      Get translated legal documents correctly certified/sworn required by the countries involved. 

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      Patent Translation

      With our expert legal translators for (EP) validation, IP litigation, and prior art, so you’re set up for success with the necessary technical and legal framework expertise.

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      Legal Transcription

      We provide expert legal transcriptions for audio/video recordings, ensuring precise extraction, translation, and delivery in a format tailored for discovery, fact-building, and evidentiary purposes.

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      Our Legal translations are Trusted by law firms, in-house teams and governments across the globe

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      Very responsive over email, and the quality of work is always very thorough. We were pleased with the service received.

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      We reached out to Vocalegal for an urgent translation, and their speed of response and attentiveness to our clients’ needs has been impeccable. They have become our DR team’s go-to translation vendor.

      Partner, ADR

      When our existing partners could not deliver on time for a rushed translation, we turned to Vocalegal, and we’ve not looked back. The fast turnaround times and near instantaneous response is very much appreciated.

      Litigation Support Manager

      We are very pleased with the service provided by Vocalegal. Their responsiveness and ability to provide a quote are almost instantaneous. We were also impressed by the quality of the translations and the expedited turnaround time. All in all, we would highly recommend Vocalegal for anyone who is looking for a fast turnaround yet excellent quality translations.


      After assessing 12 agencies, we settled with Vocalegal for its expertise with legal texts and faster turnaround times.

      WR, Managing Partner

      We’re very happy with the translations and your quick turnaround. Thank you!

      Senior Associate

      Excellent service all around. Your attention to detail and responsiveness is much appreciated. We love working with the team at Vocalegal

      Associate, Dispute Resolution

      Fast, accurate, and flexible with our changing instructions on the go.

      Partner, Dispute Resolution

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      We are very pleased with the fast turnaround times and high-quality translations our lawyers receive from Vocalegal. We recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and fast translation provider.

      Managing Partner

      Your speed in responding and willingness to negotiate fees has been much appreciated. I will not hesitate to recommend Vocalegal.

      Solicitor, Dispute Resolution

      Be in control of all your legal document translation projects with a punctual, reliable, and meticulous legal translation service.

      Legal Translation Services FAQs

      A legal translation is the conversion of legal documents or texts from one language to another while preserving their accuracy, context, and legal terminology. These documents can include contracts, court records, patents, immigration papers, and more. Legal translations must be precise, as even minor errors can have significant legal implications. Therefore, legal translators, often certified or authorized professionals, ensure that the translated text faithfully reflects the content and intent of the original, making it suitable for use in legal proceedings, regulatory compliance, and official documentation.

      A legal translation service is a specialised provider that offers professional translation of legal documents and texts. These services employ certified or qualified translators with expertise in both the source and target languages, as well as a deep understanding of legal terminology and context. They ensure that legal documents, such as contracts, court records, agreements, and patents, are accurately and faithfully translated while maintaining the integrity and legal implications of the original text. Legal translation services play a crucial role in facilitating cross-border transactions, legal proceedings, and international compliance, offering reliability and precision in a sensitive and highly regulated field.

      Translating legal documents necessitates the expertise of a qualified translator proficient in both source and target languages, as well as a solid grasp of legal terminology. After selecting a suitable translator, provide any necessary reference materials and context. The translator then accurately converts the document while preserving its legal nuances. Review and proofreading are crucial for precision. If required, ensure certification by the translator or a notary public. It's essential to maintain confidentiality, adhere to document formatting, and consider any specific local regulations. Legal experts can provide guidance, and after a final review, you can submit the translated document to the relevant authorities.

      Legal translation is essential for various documents used in cross-border or international contexts, legal proceedings, or for official purposes. Common examples include contracts, court documents, immigration papers, wills, patents, regulatory compliance documents, real estate contracts, legal agreements, academic transcripts, insurance policies, and official government documents like birth certificates and marriage certificates. These documents often require translation to ensure clarity, accuracy, and legal compliance when dealing with different languages and legal systems.

      The cost of legal translation varies depending on several factors, including the complexity of the document, the languages involved, the volume of content, and the urgency of the translation. Generally, legal translations tend to be more expensive than general translations due to the specialized knowledge and precision required. Prices are often calculated per word, per page, or on an hourly basis. On average, legal translation services can range costs per word or more, with additional charges for notarization or certification. Complex legal documents may command higher fees. It's advisable to obtain quotes from professional translation services to get a precise estimate based on your specific document and requirements.

      Translating legal documents is crucial to ensure effective communication and legal compliance in cross-border or international contexts. These documents often involve complex legal terminology and nuances that must be accurately conveyed to maintain their legal integrity. Accurate translations prevent misunderstandings, legal disputes, and potential liabilities. They enable individuals, businesses, and legal authorities to understand the content, rights, and responsibilities outlined in legal documents, facilitating international transactions, immigration processes, legal proceedings, and regulatory compliance.

      A wide range of individuals and entities may require legal translations. These include international businesses engaged in cross-border contracts, individuals seeking immigration or citizenship, legal professionals dealing with international cases, government agencies processing foreign documents, and academic institutions admitting foreign students. Essentially, anyone dealing with legal documents in a language they don't understand may need legal translations to ensure compliance, communication, and legal clarity in diverse contexts.

      Yes, legal translation is vitally important. It ensures clarity and accuracy in legal documents, preventing misunderstandings and potential legal complications. In international or cross-border scenarios, legal translation facilitates effective communication, legal compliance, and the protection of individual and corporate rights. Accurate translations are essential for legal proceedings, regulatory adherence, immigration processes, and business agreements. They uphold the integrity and intent of legal documents in diverse languages and legal systems, making them a fundamental aspect of international law and commerce.

      While anyone with language skills can attempt to translate legal documents, legal translation is a highly specialized field that demands precision, knowledge of legal terminology, and an understanding of the legal systems involved. To ensure the accuracy and integrity of the translation, it's advisable to rely on professional legal translators who have expertise in both the source and target languages, as well as a profound comprehension of legal nuances. They are often certified or authorized by relevant authorities or organizations to handle legal documents, ensuring that the translated content is legally sound, complete, and faithful to the original document. Legal translation is not only about language but also about the law, making it a field best left to qualified experts.