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  • Quote response minutes after submission

  • Immediate responses to all queries and requirement's

  • 24/7 availability & support

  • 1-5 days turnaround options

  • 100% on-time

  • Certified translations by legal experts

  • Continuous cost reduction with TM

Translation Services for Business

    What You Get

    • Quote response minutes after submission

    • Immediate responses to all queries and requirement's

    • 24/7 availability & support

    • 1-5 days turnaround options

    • 100% on-time

    • Certified translations by legal experts

    • Continuous cost reduction with TM

    Translation Services for Personal

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      Vocalegal makes your compliance protocols robust. Never miss a red flag masked by a foreign language.

      As an MLRO in a regulated profession, you need peace of mind that your anti-money-laundering procedures are watertight. 


      You need a precise KYC compliance translation when you’re faced with KYC documentation in a foreign language. You also need local knowledge of the jurisdiction and cultural understanding of the correct local procedures to help spot irregularities, mistranslations, or even falsifications. Our expert translators have the experience and expertise to bolster your anti-money-laundering defences. 


      If you’re conducting an investigation, we can provide astute bilingual reviewers to get to the pertinent evidence quickly, regardless of the language in the documents.

      20,000 +

      Language professionals available

      3,000 +

      Legally qualified bilingual reviewers


      Support in your local time zone

      15 mins

      Average time to get a quote

      Step 1: KYC Compliance Translation that keeps you covered

      Keep vigilant KYC records and stay on the right side of your compliance obligations. With Vocalegal, you get:

      • Accurate translations of AML documents

      • Experienced KYC compliance professionals to conduct your CDD & EDD in a foreign language

      • Cultural knowledge and an understanding of foreign legal systems to adduce beneficial ownership

      • Skilled linguists, experienced in AML to spot irregularities that may indicate suspicious activity

      • Reliable identification of false certificates or deliberately mistranslated documents

      • Clear pointers for red flags in certain jurisdictions.

      Step 2: Discharge your compliance duties. Get certified translations

      Mitigate your internal risks by verifying your process with independently certified copies of your translated documents. From Vocalegal, you get:

      • Expert opinion on the validity of information

      • Meticulous legal translations by legal translators

      • Documentation certified as accurate for legal or insurance purposes.

      Step 3: Move fast on your compliance investigations

      Build your case quickly. Review and analyse your most relevant documents first, regardless of their original language. With Vocalegal assistance, you get:

      • State-of-the-art analytics to retrieve your most relevant documents first

      • Instantaneous translation with a click-to-translate machine translation

      • Bilingual reviewers who understand the subject matter and the document’s relevance to the investigation

      • Crucial pointers that non-native reviewers may miss

      • Annotations on relevant foreign jurisdiction documents that explain why information is pertinent in the local regulatory framework.

      KYC Compliance Translation Services

      KYC Compliance Documentation

      Skilled linguists experienced in AML to spot red flags that may indicate suspicious activity.

      Certification and Notarisation

      Validation of the AML translations to mitigate your risks.

      Keywords and Meta Searches

      Non-English keywords generated to improve the classification and extraction of relevant data from foreign documents.

      Multilingual Document Review

      Bilingual legal experts tag your documents and provide explanatory annotations to guide your investigation.


      Language professionals

      100 %

      Legally qualified bilingual reviewers

      5 *

      Support in your local time zone


      Confidentiality or data breach issues to date

      Very responsive over email, and the quality of work is always very thorough. We were pleased with the service received.

      JH, Partner, Dispute resolution

      We reached out to Vocalegal for an urgent translation, and their speed of response and attentiveness to our clients’ needs has been impeccable. They have become our DR team’s go-to translation vendor.

      SH, Partner, ADR

      When our existing partners could not deliver on time for a rushed translation, we turned to Vocalegal, and we’ve not looked back. The fast turnaround times and near instantaneous response is very much appreciated.

      LP, Litigation Support Manager

      We are very pleased with the service provided by Vocalegal. Their responsiveness and ability to provide a quote are almost instantaneous. We were also impressed by the quality of the translations and the expedited turnaround time. All in all, we would highly recommend Vocalegal for anyone who is looking for a fast turnaround yet excellent quality translations.

      LR, Partner

      After assessing 12 agencies, we settled with Vocalegal for its expertise with legal texts and faster turnaround times.

      WR, Managing Partner

      We’re very happy with the translations and your quick turnaround. Thank you!

      CB, Senior Associate

      Excellent service all around. Your attention to detail and responsiveness is much appreciated. We love working with the team at Vocalegal

      Associate, Dispute Resolution

      Fast, accurate, and flexible with our changing instructions on the go.

      Partner, Dispute Resolution

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      We are very pleased with the fast turnaround times and high-quality translations our lawyers receive from Vocalegal. We recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and fast translation provider.

      WA, Managing Partner

      Your speed in responding and willingness to negotiate fees has been much appreciated. I will not hesitate to recommend Vocalegal.

      CF, Solicitor, Dispute Resolution

      Be in control of your KYC compliance translation with a translation service led by subject matter experts.

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